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PeerJ collection for the HSCBB conference.

posted Aug 19, 2015, 4:25 AM by Georgios Pavlopoulos

Dear HSCBB Members,

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of the HSCBB15 conference can be published as full-length papers in the newly affiliated PeerJ journal as a special PeerJ Collection for HSCBB15. Selected invitations will be sent to authors after the completion of the conference.

PeerJ is a respected open access publisher in the biological, medical and computer sciences. All published papers will become available online as open access. PeerJ is indexed by PubMed and Web of Science and has received a provisional 2,5-year impact factor of 2.1 and is expected to increase.


PeerJ has a unique business model for Open Access publication. Each author pays a single, low fee of $99 for the first time that he/she publishes in PeerJ journal. The same author is exempt from charges for a 5-year period even if he/she publishes with another combination of co-authors. Of course, co-authors who have not published in PeerJ journal before, will be asked to pay the one-time $99 fee.

PeerJ journal reviews submissions for scientific and methodological soundness and all articles submitted to PeerJ will go through a normal reviewing process. Abstract acceptance by the HSCBB15 conference does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for full length publication.

Following discussions with PeerJ journal, we expect to maintain a long term collaboration in order to take full advantage of its 5-year publishing plan.

Instructions about the publishing costs and the plans can be found at: and detailed guidelines for authors at:  

More details will be added in the HSCBB15 web page very soon.